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    A quick recap of the Style Rivals show and reminder of the fast approaching StyleChicago Designer Shopping Event. We also give a few details of our newest upcoming beauty product, 

    Hydratant de Luxe Dore!

    Have You Heard?

    We prepare for a fantastic show at the Style Rivals event and also announce that we are in the running for the FedEx SMall Business Loan Grant!

    Breaking News!

    Thanks to our amazing backers and supporters, we successfully hit our goal! We about the next steps we will be taking and highlight a charity fashion event we participated in with TBD Fitness for CHILDREN.ORG!

    Kickstarter Home Stretch!

    In the last week of our Kickstarter project, we thank all of the backers and supporters that have brought it so far. We also give a reminder of the wonderful events we have lined up!

    Halfway to Our Goal!

    Thanks to our amazing backers we have reached the halfway point of our funding. We thank everyone for the unbelievable support and announce a few more events we have lined up!

    Kickstarter Launch!

    As the new year begins, we launch our very own kickstarter project to get the design and development of our Fall Clothing line going.

    A Deanna Marie Holiday Sale!

    We spread a little Holiday cheer with 

    our 15% off plus free shipping sale!

    Style Week Success!

    DM Label has finally made its fashion debut! With being such a hit at the runway show, we are more excited than ever for what comes next.

    Newsletters & Updates

    Living A Balanced Life!

    DM Label kicks it into high gear as preparations for Style Week 2017 begin.

    Hair Stylist Cristina Ligato shows us how simple it is to keep up with the latest hair trends, and Chiropractic Physician 

    Dr. Nelli Kaplunskaya,

     sheds some light on spinal care.

    Lifestyle & Motivation!

    One of the key things to being positive is motivation. Deanna shares her tips on how she keep her motivations levels up and shows us how to do the same.

    Living Boldly, Living On Purpose

    Spotlighting Aloe Vera, one of the key ingredients in DM Label's Anti Aging Serum, and just what it does for your skin. We also show just how beneficial having an occasional glass of wine can be for you.

    Living Your Life To The Fullest!

    DM Label highlights our 14kt Anti-Aging Gold Serum and it's many benefits.

    Also Gina Scalpone of Glamhairus shares a few stlying tips.

    Meet The Team!

    Get a quick look at some of the companies and people that have played a major role in building the label.

    DM VIP Invitation!

    Our very first subscriber newsletter!

    Giving a little introduction to the DM Label and it's first product,

    the 14kt Anti-Aging Gold Serum.

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